Unexpected pregnancy could be a first for both you and your friend. Even though you won’t know exactly what she’s going through, you can make a difference in her life during this time.

Here are six ways you can support your friend:

1. Be Available to Help

Being supportive often means being available. Play it by ear. What does she need that day or at the current moment? Keep continuous communication so you can answer her call when she needs you most. 

2. Listen to Her

Listening is a precious gift you can give. Steer clear of offering advice or guidance unless she’s directly asking you. She may want to let out steam or share her struggles without any next steps or pointers. 

Listening will help her release any pent-up emotions as she navigates this unexpected experience.

3. Accompany Her to Appointments

Let your friend know she is not alone by accompanying her to appointments. If her partner is not in the picture, this will be especially critical so she doesn’t feel isolated during all of this. 

You can also join her for errands, like grocery shopping for supplies, to keep her company.

4. Plan Fun Outings and Activities

Just because your friend is pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy fun activities: plan friend outings and events for her to look forward to. Maybe getting dinner together or walking the park could lift her spirits if she’s having a tough week.

5. Send Encouragement

Send her encouraging messages either in person or through texts and calls. She will appreciate your kind words, and they will help bring positivity to her circumstances. If you give her cards or notes, she can save them and look through them on more challenging days.

6. Connect Her with Free Services

Another way you can support her is by telling her about Alpha Omega Center and our free pregnancy services and resources. She can schedule a confidential appointment online today. We’re here to help. 

You Are Making a Difference

By simply standing by your friend, you are making a difference. We’ve seen the positive impact support can make on women navigating pregnancy. Thanks for being a friend!