Unplanned pregnancies come with many unknowns. What will you do next? What does the future look like? How will you tell your parents and partner?

If you are afraid of how your partner will react, take a deep breath in and out. It will be okay. You don’t have to do anything that will make you feel unsafe.

The reason for your fear can guide your next steps. Keep reading for helpful tips.

I’m Afraid Because I Want the Relationship to Last.

If you are afraid because your relationship has been going well and you don’t want to disrupt it, know it’s in your relationship’s best interest to share the news.

Healthy relationships are built on trust and not keeping secrets, especially significant ones like pregnancy. Staying open and honest, even when your partner may or may not like the pregnancy news, can continue to build a firm foundation.

Yes, your pregnancy will cause your relationship to change. However, it could be for the better if you both are committed to each other and face the situation together.

If your partner does not react supportively, or it changes your relationship for the worse, he might not be the right one for you.

While this can feel heartbreaking, know that you deserve a partner willing to stand by you through thick and thin.

I’m Afraid Because My Partner Is Abusive or Reactive.

If your partner is verbally or physically abusive, it might be better for your safety if you don’t tell him about your pregnancy.

You are not stuck. You can find freedom from abuse. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help in your area.

If your partner isn’t abusive, but he may have a temper or be pretty reactive or emotional in the heat of the moment, here are a few tactics you can try.

  • Consider bringing another person or friend with you to tell him the news.
  • Tell him in a public place with many people around.
  • Call him and tell him the news over the phone to avoid any chance of physical contact.

Use your best judgment when deciding whether to tell him or not. If you’re considering not notifying the father, seek legal advice about how this may impact you or your child in the future.

It’s important to tell him if you see a future together. If he’s someone you are regularly afraid of, it might be time to consider going your separate ways.

You should feel safe and secure in your relationship.

Do You Want a Safe Place to Talk?

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