Pregnancy in college can often come as a surprise. It can raise many questions about what you thought was a certain future—especially if you have a few more years until graduation.

Whether you attend Slippery Rock University, PennWest, or another college, here are a few things you need to know.

1. Title IX Prevents Discrimination if the College Accepts Federal Funding.

If your school accepts federal funds, then they must comply with Title IX. This federal civil rights law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs and activities.

This means certain schools cannot discriminate against you if you are pregnant or parenting. If you attend a private school that does not accept federal funds, then they may not be required to comply. However, many schools in the area and around the country must follow Title IX.

2. It’s Your Pregnancy Decision to Make.

Pregnancy in college can present a challenging set of circumstances. You may hear strong opinions from your partner, parents, or friends about what you should or should not decide. 

However, the choice is yours.

Even if you’re in college and life now feels uncertain, assess each available option. Just like you selected a college, you’ll want to picture each option and which could fit your life best, not just in college but also five, ten, or more years from now. 

3. There Are Resources Available Just For You.

If you’re pregnant and in college, you can apply for certain scholarships based on financial need, such as Pell Grants, to make college more affordable during this time. There are a variety of scholarships based on income and parental status that can assist you.

If you are near Slippery Rock or New Castle, Pennsylvania, we offer early pregnancy services and material resources at no cost to you. These free services include pregnancy testing, STD testing, ultrasounds, and more.

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