Pregnancy in high school can take you by complete surprise. You might not have imagined ever planning for prom at the same time as considering your pregnancy options.

The first thing you should know is that Alpha Omega Center can help. Visit us today for an initial appointment to confirm your pregnancy and receive confidential support.

Here are three things to know if you are pregnant in high school.

1. You Will Make It Through This.

When pregnancy happens in high school, you may think things like, “What am I going to do?” or “How will I be able to go to college?” Fear can rise to the surface.

However, many women have walked in your shoes before and have made it through. You are strong and resilient. You can still attend college, accomplish your dreams, and attend prom.

2. You Have Options.

You have three options: parenting, adoption, and abortion.

While your mind could rush to abortion, you may be surprised at how many other options are available to you. Be sure to explore them all.

Many community resources are available to help you parent if your heart is set on it. If you are close to attending college, you could even apply for a maternity home college program near certain college campuses.

Adoption could also be a flexible option for you. After pregnancy, you would place your child with an eligible adoptive couple you selected yourself. While this can be emotionally challenging, you can continue to communicate with your child if you would like.

3. Your Decision Will Have a Lasting Impact.

It’s easy to wonder, “What will people think about me?” and feel concerned about the social impact of being pregnant in high school.

However, your decision will impact your future beyond your high school years. It’s important to view your pregnancy options with this lens instead of focusing on how pregnancy impacts you today.

Make a decision you can look back on and be proud you made. You will not remember all the names of your classmates or even keep in contact with everyone. Put yourself and your future first.

Alpha Omega Center Can Help

Whether you are pregnant in high school, college, or beyond, we can help.

Schedule an appointment to talk with a caring staff member about your situation and receive free and confidential pregnancy services and support. Find directions to one of our centers from your local high school here.

Remember, you are strong and will make it through.